Wellington Funeral Home is by your side in the difficult times of your family and stands ready to help in your time of need.  At a price far less than others in the area, we offer all the funeral services you choose and need.  We can fashion the funeral that best fits your family’s budget and best honors the lives of those you love. Please call us 330-394-5944 -- or stop in to see us at our downtown Warren business office.

We started out as “Linda R. Simpson Funeral Home” in the fall of 2001, with Linda Simpson as the Funeral Director.  Unknown to us at that time, this is the only funeral home in Ohio that started afresh in a woman’s name -- and full name at that.

Rev. Rocco Wellington took over after Linda and he has been our Director in Charge the past ten years.  Our daily Managing Director is still Curtis Robinson whose mild disposition and professionalism is most comforting to grieving families.

Wellington is located on North Park Avenue in Warren and offers the Valley's best value -- by far -- in funeral home services. Our low cost funeral package allows a family of any means to honor and remember their loved one -- with dignity and respect. And our direct cremation package includes a memorial service. Not everyone does that.

But don’t let the low prices fool you. Wellington is a full service funeral home and in the past ten years has handled some of the most challenging cremations and funerals in the Tri-County area.

Most importantly, the folks at Wellington care. You will notice this first time you call. Here, a dignified funeral or cremation is possible for everyone.